Short Story : A Faithful Dog A Faithful Dog Neil loves to travel and he was so fond of forests. Whenever he plans for a holiday, he would choose a place that is blessed by Mother Nature. To celebrate his son’s second birthday, he decided to stay and enjoy the celebration in woods, located at the lap of a mountain. He with his family and friends, reached the village located near the woods and had his stay in the cottage. The cottage was located at the entrance of the dense forest, where the guests can view animals roaming in the nearby place.  Neil’s son saw a dog at the door and offered him a biscuit. The dog was happy and very soon the little boy befriended the dog. On second day, the birthday of the boy was celebrated grandly in the woods within beautiful nature. The dog did not leave the boy even for a minute and they both became close pals. 

The next day, Neil, his wife and others decided to go for hunting in the forest and arranged a babysitter to take care of the little for half …



Conservation status
Vulnerable (IUCN 3.1)[2] Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Chondrichthyes Order: Lamniformes Family: Lamnidae Genus: Carcharodon
A. Smith, 1838 Species: C. carcharias Binomial name Carcharodon carcharias

The Student's Basic Leadership Training

The Student's Basic Leadership Training held at 22nd September 2017 in Pussenif, W.R. Supratman Street. It was a great experience. At the first day, we grouped into several classes. I grouped into class A. After that, we put our gears and equipments in the field. After that, we performed the ceremony in the field. Then, we went to the room near the field. We listened to what the soldiers taught there. They also taught us about some song that we would sang in the student basic leadership training.

            Next, we had a lunch together at the room. We were taught by the soldiers to ate in the correct manner. We also sang a song before we had our lunch. After that, we took our gears and equipments to the barrack. We grouped into several room in the barrack. We did our activities happily that day. At night, we listen to what the soldiers taught too and had a dinner together. We listened about some topics, such as leadership, insight into the archipelago, and defend t…

English Project : Komodo island

Where do you want to go in holiday? Do you ever feel bored with your last holiday just being lazy in home?

We want to show you a very beautiful holiday place and explain to you why Komodo Island is one of the best holiday place in Indonesia.

Click the video below!

This video was made by :
Alfonsus Aryo Sunu Bakti X MIPA 3
Gian Gideon X MIPA 3

Thanks to :
Hafiz Yozarno X MIPA 3 as a cameraman

Bandung, 2 October 2017
Things to Do in Next December
A: Hi Gian ! Nice to meet you.
G: Hey Aryo ! Nice to meet you too. How are you ?
A: I'm fine. Thank you. How about you?
G: Yeah, i'm fine too.
A: Gian, do you know about school announcement holiday in December?
G: I don't know, why?
A: Well, i don't know where i have to go in my holiday. Last holiday was so boring because i just            stay in home waiting the holiday to be over.
G: Me too. I just stayed at home because my parents were still working in my holiday.
A: Do you have some interesting place to visit especially in Indonesia ?
G: I know some interesting place in Indonesia such as Bali and Jogja.
A: What make you feel that Bali is an exciting holiday place. G: They have some interesting attraction like Ubud and Kuta Beach in Bali. Bali is an interesting
     place because you can see many beautiful view spots there. A: And how about Jogja ? Do you think that there is some exciting things to do there ? G: Of course. You can do sh…


KINDNESSISAROUND US              Sometimes maybe we don't feel that kindness is around us. We just feel that someone doesn't care about your problem, especially family. Parents just being busy with their job and brother is busy with lecture. They don't always around you when you need your help.
             I'm gonna tell you my experience being helped by another people. That is my mom. She helped me everytime, even in bad situations. She help me to solve many problems in my life. In one day, i broke my arm in school because i fell while i'm playing basket ball in field. My mother is a teacher in my school, so my mother helped me. She took me to the hospital and payed for the cost. She comforted me to get well soon .
              Another time she helped me was when i was 8th Junior High School. I was lazy to get into Science Olympic in Bandung. But my mother kept supporting me and finally i became the first champion of the contest. Because of that, i could get in…


Today is the fist day at schoool for Gian. He meets Aryo. Then, they introduce each other. G : Hello, good morning ! A : Hello, good morning too ! G : Hey this is the first time that i meet you, can you introduce yourself ? A : Sure. My name is Alfonsus Aryo, but you can call me Aryo. G : Hey Aryo, nice to meet you ! By the way, my name is Gian. A : Hey Gian ! Nice to meet you too. G : How old are you ? A : I'm fifteen years old. I was born in Bandung, 7th of July 2002. G : Wow, I'm fifteen years old too. I was born in Bandung, 3th of March 2002. A : Great ! G : Hi Aryo, how do you do ? A : I am a student. Do you somehow stay around here ? G : No I'm not. I stay in Cibeureum, South Cimahi. How about you ? A : I live in Pratista Residence, Bandung. G : That's great. By the way, do you like sports ? A : No I don't. I prefer reading books and playing piano. How about you ? What is your      hobbies ? G : I like playing soccer and playing games in my compu…